Mad App Boost!

Achieving top ranking may be a tough task for inexperienced developers but at MadApp we guarantee the results. By boosting incentive and non-incentive downloads we can throw your app on top of app stores in all major countries. Wanna learn more? Here’s our media kit.

Get Your App Optimized!

App Store Optimization is the complex solution for improving your app’s presence on stores. We’ll create the description and eye-catching screenshots, take care of localization, will help you with icon design and choose the right keywords to beat your competitors in search results.

Nobody Knows About Your App? We’ll Fix It!

Even the best app will get lost among the millions of others without proper media coverage. We know how to make everybody talk about your app. Using different media sources we will capture the audience attention towards exactly yours application!

Make People Fall Madly In Love with your app!

Mad App Boost

MadApp cooperates with recognized publishers, brands and game developers in order to deliver high volumes of installs.

  • Boosting rankings to reach Top of US, Russian and other App Stores
  • Acquiring thousands of loyal users with “Gone Free” campaigns
  • Gaining incredible revenue from in-app purchases
  • Collecting feedback from the real users to support the ratings
  • Get featured as a Free App of the Day for unique
    discounted price and place #1 in Europe, Canada,
    Australia, Russia & other countries

Pre-installs of your app

We install apps to new smartphones as a part of the purchase!

  • People get your apps with their new phones or tablets
  • Exclusive targeting by country, city, age, gadget models
  • No SDK integration required
  • Use your analytics tool if needed, plus receive reports from us
  • 100,000 installs per month are possible and more!
  • ANDROID apps exclusively!
  • Only few days for launch

App Store Optimization

ASO is a complex tool targeted on improving the visibility of your app on mobile apps stores.

  • Creating or improving the icon and the name
  • Keywords analysis (competitor keywords analysis included) and selection of the most appropriate keywords for specific categories
  • Creating the eye-catching promo materials
  • Writing the vivid description that enlightens the best features of your app
  • Working on better app reputation including submission for reviews from independent app geeks
  • Bringing an app to 10+ alternative Android stores

PR and Marketing promotion

PR is a perfect tool to acquire loyal users for the app all over the world. We create buzz, you get downloads.

  • Writing press-releases with submission to popular distribution services
  • Review submission to the wide range (100+) of app review sites
  • Guaranteed 10+ reviews on the most popular sites
  • Targeting your app to review sites of different countries
  • Creating promo videos for your app
  • Promoting your app promo videos on YouTube
  • Guest blog and forum postings

Social Media Madness

Seize the powerful tools for promotion in social networks!

  • App discovery on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and other channels
  • Social network pages creation and customization
  • Gaining a large number of followers for your fan pages
  • Full-time support of your social media accounts, publishing the new content and keeping the audience tuned
  • Giveaways and contest launches
  • Featuring apps among various social media communities

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